The Holiday House is synonymous with freedom.

Choosing to spend your holidays in a Holiday House means having full autonomy to handle everything according to your needs without the stress of restrictive times, lunches or compulsory visits.

After months of working time constraints do you still want to have the alarm clock on vacation? Here you can manage your time in full relaxation. Wake up calmly, prepare your breakfast, enjoy a book sitting on the terrace accompanied by the wreck of the waves, maybe sipping the drink you like, without thinking.

You will be free to eat whenever you want, whatever you want. You will have a fully equipped kitchen that will allow you to cook what you prefer, without sacrificing health, to the line, in accordance with your eating habits. If you decide to stay all day at the sea or on a trip you will not have to worry about finding a reliable place to eat because you can personally prepare your lunch or snacks.

It will be fun and charming to get you into the life of the place and discover local producers and markets that will allow you to enjoy typical products purchased locally. Otherwise you can still choose not to cook at all and take advantage of the local cuisine at the best restaurants.

Finally, it is also the ideal solution for families with children who most of all need to adapt their vacation to the needs of the little ones.