There are so many opportunities to visit Alghero at a party for events, traditions and festivals.

Every moment is good to live a new and unforgettable experience in our small and surprising city.



La Sagra del Bogamarì

The Sagra del Bogamarì or Feast of the Sea Urchin is held between February and March. On weekends, banquets are set up on  Lungomare Barcelona, where you can buy and enjoy the freshly caught sea urchins accompanied by bread and wine. During this time the restaurants propose different menus based on sea urchins considered an absolute delicacy.


March - April

The Holy Week

The most important religious event of the year relates to the rites of Holy Week leading up to Easter.

Organized by the Confraternita della Misericordia also known as " I Germans Blancs ", begins from the Friday of the week before Easter with the Processione dell'Addolorata. Holy Tuesday takes place the Processione dei Misteri and in the Holy Thursday night is celebrated the Via Crucis. Holy Friday and Easter Sunday are the most important moments, that of the procession of the iscendimento and that of the Incontro. The part of the city most involved in the performance of all rites is the Historic Center Where there is the Misericordia Church Where the sixteenth-century Crucifix was guarded, carved in Alicante, which is brought to the procession and from which the one, with Jesus resurrected, of the Encontre.



Open Monuments

Alghero can be considered as a large outdoor museum. Each place within the city and the surrounding area encloses a unique story. Thanks to this event you can visit all the sites of historical interest that tell about the life, the uses, the customs and the architecture of our territory and its inhabitants.




It is in the magical night of the summer solstice that friendship and brotherhood become sacred. People cling to their hands and singing in the unison their promise of eternal friendship jump on the fire, a symbol of the difficulties that life puts us forward, becoming accomplice. An evocative and ancestral atmosphere in which all white dresses celebrate their promises.



Focs de mig agost

The days before the Assunzione are full of concerts, photographic and pictorial exhibitions and literary festivals that culminate on the night of August with the fireworks show in front of the Port of Alghero. An exciting spectacle of lights and colors reflecting in the water creating a charming and magical atmosphere.




St. Michael's Day

On September 29, Alghero celebrates its patron saint, Sant Miquel, with a feast symbolically marking the end of the summer season. Four days of great artistic ferment with music shows and fireworks. The fulcrum of these events is the Historic Center whose church is named after it, recognizable by its spectacular dome with Spanish tiled tiles.




Cap d'Any

The New Year's in Alghero is the longest and most celebrated holiday of the year. On this occasion the city appears in all its artistic splendor that recalls tourists from all over the world and from all over Sardinia. 2017 saw 40 days of festivities starting on December 1st to be the cornerstone of a myriad of suggestive fittings made of red ribbons, lights and Christmas trees. A rich calendar of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, concerts, tastings, book presentations, literary awards, street theater shows, photographic exhibitions, tournaments, food and wine shows and more.